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After two years of intensive research in several fields — acoustic models, electro-acoustic models, algorithms — MODARTT proudly presents the long awaited and much improved version 3 of PIANOTEQ. It once again shows that PIANOTEQ is being in the lead as the most innovative and adaptable software piano on the market.

Features in short
• New acoustic model
• Mic position — up to 5 mics
• Unlimited perspectives
• Multi channel — up to 5 channels
• New grand pianos C3 and M3
• New product: electric pianos add-on
• Use out of the box or create
your own instrument
• New interface design
• Advanced preset and parameter

New acoustic model

One of the most exciting new features in version 3 is the new acoustic model which simulates the sound radiation of the soundboard and the cabinet. Developed in close cooperation with demanding musicians, it brings stunning realism, clarity and brilliance.

Unlimited sound perspectives
The new acoustic model allows you to place up to 5 microphones anywhere around the piano in an additional illustrative interface. A mixer is available for combining the mics into 5 output channels, with the possibility to adjust separately level and delay.

PIANOTEQ 3 offers thus full control of the sound source and unlimited possibilities to choose the “colour” of the piano sound, similar to what professional audio engineer do when recording. The resulting experience is simply an amazing audio immersion!
In binaural mode, for headphone usage, a head model is used for simulating the sound heard by a person located where the head is placed in the interface. The head can be rotated in any direction and even its size can be changed.

Thanks to our research, we build two beautiful new instruments that each has its own personality. The Grand C3 has a warm and coloured sound, suitable for classical, romantic or lyrical music. The Grand M3 has an attack and presence that will suit jazz and rock music. In the end, this is of course a matter of taste and the choice will depend on the selected music. Different perspectives are provided with each instrument: player, recording (4 mics in the C3 solo recording), close mic, binaural… These are only a few among the infinitely many perspectives that you can create yourself by choosing your own recording settings: mics placement and mixing. Thus any musician or producer should find the piano he needs.

The virtual piano factory
When building these two instruments, we took our inspiration from the very best acoustic pianos in the world. They can be used just right out of the box. They can also serve as starting points for creating new instruments, entering the virtual world of the fourth piano generation. PIANOTEQ 3 opens new soundscapes that enriches the resources of all musicians and composers, from amateurs to professionals. Try for example a piano equipped with a virtual carbon fiber soundboard!

As mentioned by Philippe Guillaume, creator of PIANOTEQ: “during the 19th century, there were hundreds of different piano manufacturers offering a great variety of piano timbres. At the end of the 20th century, only a reduced number of timbres were still available because of standardization. The dream that we share with other piano lovers is to offer the musicians a possibility to use and create many different sounds in order to enrich their expressivity”.

New models for vintage eletric pianos
With PIANOTEQ 3, a broad family of keyboard instruments is now covered, from historical harpsichords and pianoforte to contemporary grand pianos and electro-acoustic pianos. The different models even share some features; for example, the electro-acoustic pianos have a sostenuto pedal and the acoustic pianos can use the tremolo effect or the limiter. More surprising: you can change the sound speed in the air that is used by the model…

Pianoteq 3 Electric PianosUsing the newly extended model, PIANOTEQ can now reproduce famous electro-acoustic pianos from the seventies. Two amazing electro-acoustic pianos with a gorgeous sound, Rhody and Wurly, are provided as embedded add-ons and included for demo evaluation. They can be purchased by all customers here. Each instrument comes with several variants and, by using new interface features such as limiter and tremolo, you can customize them to your own taste.
Listen to electric piano demos here.

Listen to electric piano demos here.

Free add-ons
Since we started the KIViR project, we have continuously enriched our collection of free add-ons which now includes 10 historical instruments: 5 pianoforte, 2 harpsichords, 2 grand pianos and 1 electro-acoustic piano. All these add-ons can be downloaded for free by all PIANOTEQ customers.