Best REAPER Logic Theme Review

It’s quite common to see REAPER themes that mimic other DAWs, and this time I’ve come to review Logic Pro themes. Just like last time I searched “tag:Themes logic” in the REAPER stash, checked various themes and picked three that I considered the most comfortable to work with. However, as compared to Pro Tools, the REAPER Logic Pro theme selection pool was much narrower. This is also the case with other DAW themes such as FL Studio, Cubase and Ableton. While there aren’t as many themes for each DAW, the ones available are pretty cool! so that’s always a plus 🙂

Keep in mind that these themes are made for at least 1920×1080 HD resolution screens.

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The Top 3 REAPER Logic Themes

So, these are the best three Logic Pro themes for REAPER in my opinion:

PROLOGIX by albertxxx

Download Link: Click here to download this theme

prologic theme REAPER

Albertxxx is a very active theme developer in the REAPER community. This theme does reminisce Logic Pro X by taking a lot of liberties. The transport bar is probably the best part of this theme, although you may want to deactivate the playrate control.

controls prologix reaper

The Track and Mixer panel controls are quite abstract, but not entirely unfamiliar. Probably the most annoying part is that the mixer is too big, especially the fader, pan, and width settings, this leaves next to no space for FX and sends. For this reason, I don’t consider it the best Logic Pro Theme.

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I Logic V2 by Blankfiles

Download Link: Click here to download this theme

Logic v2 theme REAPER

This is THE Logic theme for REAPER that usually comes to mind, it has been in development for a long time. If you want the full version including all the features, layouts, toolbars, and the respective configuration file then you must pay a well-deserved donation through PayPal. Just keep in mind that the mail with the full version of the theme and the config file may take a few days to arrive.

For this theme, the public version pretty much nails the look and includes additional track layouts for Busses and for separator tracks, however, these don’t include the classic logic icons for track types. It also has quite a few bugs on the visually, the send knobs seem a little off and don’t use the expected green halo around them. Otherwise it is a pretty cool theme.

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Flogic by cubic13

Download Link: Click here to download this theme

Flogic cubic13 REAPER theme

In my opinion, of all themes out there, this is the one that nails the Logic experience! Although the mix of grays on the Mixer Panel can sometimes feel a little bland, it’s very easy to get used to. This is a free to download theme and includes a lot of functionality similar to Logic, (bunch of track layouts) and comes with some toolbars that you’ll need to import seprately

So, without further ado, let’s start the review.

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Configuring Flogic by cubic13

Flogic deals with the Media and Tack appearance settings by locking them, so there’s nothing to set up in preferences.

The theme includes some toolbars that you can import from the Toolbar Customization Menu. Go to the main toolbar at the top of the Track Panel, right click it, and select Customize Toolbars.

customize toolbar Flogic

These toolbars are named after the toolbar that they’re supposed to replace, look for them in the drop-down selector and click on import.

import toolbar reaper theme

After importing, all that’s left to do is to open Toolbar 1…

toolbar 1 reaper

And position it at the Top of main window.

top of main window flogic

The Piano roll toolbar and the MIDI event list toolbar should just be in place.

piano roll toolbar

That last toolbar is only shown when you select the Event list inside the MIDI editor. A nice touch of attention to detail.

MIDI editor

Now with all things in place, we can officially start the review.

What the cubic13 Flogic Theme Brings to REAPER

The overview is pretty clean, just like the DAW it is trying to represent. Information is clear and concise. More information is shown if you have more space for your tracks. There are enough track layouts to represent different track types and accommodate everyone’s taste. This is a theme that I would recommend not only for people coming from Logic Pro, but also to any REAPER user. I think it is that good!

REAPER best Logic theme preview
Transport Bar
FLogic transport bar REAPER

Let’s talk about the Transport bar. Although it’s not positioned exactly as the original Logic Pro transport bar, it works just right, and the elements are very well distributed without any clutter. Most of the buttons that you may be used to on the Logic Pro Transport bar are actually present on Toolbar 1. You can add them via the Customize Toolbar window. The Time selection boundaries are something you may not find in Logic but they exist in REAPER. In this theme, you can find the section put to the further right of the Transport bar, white font, simple and elegant that just fits with the theme’s aesthetic.

Track Control Panel
track control panel REAPER

Next, the Track Panel has all the usual suspects and does an excellent job distributing the space, the different track layouts include icons for every track type and adjust the information and controls displayed according to it. The pan controls can show only the pan knob, pan and width for stereo tracks, or dual pan, also there is a layout called sober panel that hides the panning options entirely. To change this, right click on any track go to Track layout > track panel and select the appearance that you want to give to your selected tracks.

track panel flogic

One of the details that I like the most from this theme is the fact that it paints various Automation envelopes to a color according to the theme, Volume is white, Pan is turquoise, etc.

automation envelopes flogic

My only difficulty with this theme came when I tried to manage the track folders. The arrow that appears when you hover your mouse over each track controls the folder state, and once you have a folder, you can hover your mouse just to the left of the arrow and it will show a little white icon that cycles the folder collapse state. This last button was hard to find, and I ended up dismantling the folder several times before I could make it work (A minor detail that may save someone a headache).

Mixer Control Panel
mixer control panel flogic

The Mixer Panel gets the size of the layout just right. The meters, the colors, and the track type icons all work really well visually. There are audio tracks, Buses, MIDI, Instrument tracks, VCAs, and options for not displaying an icon. Native plugins embedded in the Mixer Panel look beautiful, it’s easily recognizable if a plugin is active, bypassed or deactivated. Sends show properly as well. The only thing you may miss from logic is that pre-fader sends don’t show on the knob to the left.

mixer panel flogic 2

Remember to activate the folder track icon so that you can collapse your folder in the Mixer Panel, this is done by right clicking the master track.

MIDI Editor
MIDI Editor flogic

The MIDI editor toolbar really eases the MIDI manipulation and editing process, Track list, Media item lane, Cut and join buttons, filter, quantize, grid settings, information display settings and the note preview gives you most of the tools you’ll need for midi editing.


There are some things that are left unsaid about these themes; however, the purpose of this review is to spark your creativity and give you a quick sneak peak. Take your time to try these themes and customize REAPER around them as you like, look for other themes that may suit you better even! have in mind that you can count on the REAPER community on the REAPER forum, Facebook or Twitter for help. Have fun!

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