Best Free Hip Hop Sample Packs for FL Studio

Sampling has been a part of Hip hop since its beginnings in the 1970s. In fact, it can be argued that sampling gave birth to hip hop. Hip-hop has given rise to hundreds of subgenres since its inception. Crunk, trap, grime, mumble rap, lo-fi and conscious hip hop are just some of them.

Hip hop is known for its hard hitting drums and crisp snares. As you get started with making your hip hop beat in FL Studio, you may not be satisfied with the stock samples that come shipped with FL. So you might embark on a sample search mission, but with the wealth of data on the internet, it may be a tad hard to pick out which pack to download.

In this article, I’ll break down 7 of the best free hip hop sample packs I’ve come across. I will accompany them with their download links so you are free to add and use them in your workflow.

Infinity 2.0 Beta Pack

Download link: click here to download this sample pack

infinity sample pack FL Studio

Cymatics is one of the best places to get free drum samples, melody loops and midi. One of their largest free sample packs is the Infinity 2.0 Beta Pack. It comes with about 1GB of high quality vocal loops, guitar loops, melody loops and drum loops. The drum and melody loops come with stems and midi so you can always chop and edit it to satisfaction with a few clicks on the mouse.

This pack also comes with 96 world percussion one shots that were recorded in a symphony concert hall. Most programmed drums sound too quantized and unnatural. This percussion set is great for adding bounce and making it sound like your drums were played live.

Trap Starter Pack

Download link: click here to download this sample pack

trap starter pack FL Studio

This is another great sample pack from Cymatics. It’s a compilation of all the best samples from their most popular trap sample packs. Plenty of lost gems are in here since some of the original packs no longer exist. The pack comes with 808s, Claps, Crash Cymbals, Drum Loops, FX Sounds, Closed Hi Hats, Open Hi Hats, Rimshots, Snares, Vocals.

Lofi Starter Pack

Download link: click here to download this sample pack

lofi starter pack FL Studio

Nothing slaps like lofi hiphop when you just want to chill or study. Lofi is all about these filtered melodies processed using a tape machine so they give you that warm and soulful sound. This pack is a compilation of the best picks from all the lofi packs released by cymatics. It comes with 154 wav samples that include drum loops, melody loops, guitar loops, FX sounds and drum one shots(Kicks, snares, hi hats, etc).

808 Mafia Free Drum Kit

Download link: click here to download this sample pack

808 mafia free drum kit FL Studio

808 mafia is one of the best hip hop production teams. They have produced records for Drake, 21 Savage, Kanye West and more critically acclaimed artists. Download this incredible drum kit with 440 high-quality samples, if you want to create beats in the style of Lex Luger, Southside, and TM88. alongside 10 midi and samples, this drum kit contains

  • Trap Bellz
  • Piano
  • Soundfonts
  • Kicks
  • Snares
  • Hi Hats, Crashes & Percs
  • FX Transitions
  • FX
  • Claps
  • Chants
  • 808’s Bass Drums
  • 808 Kicks

Cobra Hip Hop Sample Pack

Download link: click here to download this sample pack

cobra sample pack FL Studio

This is one of my favorite packs. It’s my go to folder when I’m in a studio session with an artist and I need great sounding drums quickly. They work great for Trap and Boom bap beats. the “COBRA” Hip Hop sample pack offers realistic flute & guitar recordings, MIDI, drum loops, melody loops and drum one shots.

What About Production Free Anniversary Collection Vol. 7

Download link: click here to download this sample pack

what about hip hop sample pack

This massive pack boasts about 10Gb of content including a wide selection of drums, midi, serum presets, massive presets, sylenth1 presets, vocals, melody loops, drum loops and more. There’s something for everyone in this sample pack, no matter your genre.

Pierre Bourne Type Drum Kit

Download link: click here to download this sample pack

Pierre Bourne Type Drum Kit FL Studio

The rise of type beats and now the rise of type drum kits. The best thing about this is that it’s easy to find the sound you are looking for. Pierre Bourne is best known for producing “Magnolia” by Playboi Carti and “Gummo” by ^6ix9in. If you are looking for those hard hitting 808s and snares that cut through the mix, this pack is for you. It ships with:

  • 15 key-labeled 808s
  • 17 Claps
  • 42 Cymbals
    • 8 Crashes
    • 15 Closed Hats
    • 10 Open Hats
    • 9 Rides
  • 11 Kick Drum
  • 6 Percussions
  • 9 Snares


All these packs are royalty free. This means you can use them for your personal and commercial projects. And there’s more where they come from. Be sure to check out the cymatics site free packs. They always release a free pack before any new sample pack drops. Another honorable mention is Sampleradar. They have an extensive library of sound that encompass almost every genre known to man. You can download their archive here.

Now you are ready and set to make your next beat. We are ready to hear it. Download these free hip hop packs, open FL studio and have some fun!

Alexander O.