Best Free Drum Kits for FL Studio

As producers, most of our time is spent on looking for the right sounds to use in our tracks. Auditioning one sound after the next until we get one that draws up inspiration or fits our track. One way we can quicken this tedious process is by having the right drum kits which makes it easier to find sounds we can use in our productions.

In this article, we’re going to look at the best free drum kits for FL Studio. For the drum kit to be included, it has to meet the following criteria; it must be high quality, the sounds in it must be usable, and it has to be free. Let’s get started.

Cymatics Bang Hip Hop Drum Kit

cymatics bang hip hop drum kit

Cymatics has for a long time been creating high quality drum kits and the Bang Hip Hop Kit is no exception. Created as a thank you to the producers who support Cymatics, the Bang Hip Hop Drum Kit is packed with well-crafted, high quality 808s, kicks, snares, claps, hi hats, and many other drum sounds that are sure to find themselves into your productions. Check it out yourself. Download it here.

Reverb Drum Machines

reverb drum machines

If you’re a fan and/or user of the vintage analog sounds of drum machines, then this drum kit is for you. Drum Machines by Reverb consists of the sounds and samples of over 50 legendary analog drum machines ready to be used in your everyday productions.

Dig into the sounds of the revolutionary Roland TR series and get to know the drum kits that formed the backbone of modern music. With a vast amount of drum kits to pick from, the pack has sounds that could be used in any genre.

The drum kit is valued at $900, but is available for free on their site. You can download it here.

WA Free Drums Mega Pack

WA free drums mega pack

WA Production’s Free Drums Mega Pack is a collection of drum kit freebies that comes packed with ready to use sounds for EDM, Tropical House, and Trap. It’s a compilation of WA Productions: Free EDM Drum Loops. Free Live Drum Loops & Samples, Free EDM Big Snares, Free Tropical House Drums, Free Trap Kick & Drums, and Free Hybrid Trap Drums.

The kit contains:

205 Drum Loops

300 Acoustic Drum Samples & Loops

50 Big Snares

83 Kicks

35 Claps

25 Snares

50 Percussion

34 Cymbals

7 Vocal Shouts

To get the drum kit, you’ll have to subscribe to their channel and follow their Instagram page, but it’s all worth it for the amount of drum sounds and quality that you’ll get. Download it here.

Jabari FREE Afrobeat Drum Kit

Jabari Free Afrobeat Drum Kit

The Jabari Free Afrobeat Drum Kit by Godlike Loops is a perfectly curated drum kit that could take your Afrobeat and Amapiano productions to the next level. Getting high quality Afrobeat and Amapiano sounds has proven to be a little challenging as the two genres continue picking up momentum and gain international recognition. The Jabari Afrobeat Drum Kit contains high quality, ready to use drum sounds that fit the two genres. The most important elements in Afrobeat and Amapiano are the drums, and this is where this drum kit shines. It contains:

7 Cymbals

6 FX

5 Kicks

10 Percussion

4 Shakers

9 Snares, Claps, Rims.

Download it here.

Free UK Drill Drum Kit “Drillers” by Bvker

Drillers UK Drill Drum Kit

UK Drill has been one of the most listened to genres in recent years and has captivated audiences with its dark vibes and unconventional, aggressive rhythms. The Drillers UK Drum Kit comes loaded with drum sounds fit for the genre. The kit contains hard hitting kicks with a little bit of dirt to fit the genre, deep 808s & sub basses to create bass slides with, and a myriad of other drum sounds fit for drill. At 210 MB, the kit contains 154 files, namely, 64 drum one shots, 30 drum loops + MIDI, and 16 melodic loops + MIDI. Download it here and start your production journey into the dark world of drill.


It can be hard for a beginner who’s just getting started in music production to get high quality drum kits, that’s why I decided to include as a bonus. On the site, there are quite a number of drum kits available for free download that could give you the right sounds to compete with the industry standards and even get you a placement. Although most of the drum kits are tailored to Trap and Hip Hop, there are numerous kits meant for other genres. Just go check it out for yourself here.

Final Thoughts

Although it is easy to find drum kits all over the internet, finding high quality drum kits that are ready to use and free is very tedious and time consuming. I hope this article has helped point you in the right direction. As always, experiment with the different kits and find what works for you, have fun creating!

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