Best Audio Interface for Android Phones & Tablets


Picking out an audio interface for android can quickly become difficult, you’ll have a hard time finding any reliable information available out there. Since Macs are big in the audio community, there are easier and more straight forward solutions available for iPhones and iPads. And while most producers are Apple inclined, it is not a dead set requirement.

When choosing an audio interface for android, there are two main things you want to focus on:

  1. Connection: This is how you physically connect your interface to your phone or tablet. It can get a bit frustrating to figure out the different USB ports available, but don’t worry! We have a complete solution.
  2. Device Compatibility: Making sure the drivers for your interface work on your android device.

Pretty much all modern android phones and tablets feature a USB-C port, and any class complaint USB audio interface will plug right in. All you need is a USB-C to C cable and you’re set! For older interfaces, with a USB-B or 2.0 connection, you are going to need a USB hub. It’s best to invest in one that is muti-purpose, that will let you connect all sorts of interfaces.

Driver support can be a bit tricky. Sometimes interfaces work right out of the box, and other times they have issues with setup. In this case, you can try the Audio Evolution Mobile App that comes with its own custom drivers that work for more than 250 different kinds of audio interfaces.

While all of these options are great workarounds, if you’re really interested in a dedicated Android interface, then it’s best to get one that is designed to work with Android. In this guide, you will find a detailed comparison of audio itnerfaces that have been tested to fully work on most android devices.

The only limitation when working with an interface on android is that you won’t have a DAW output to your headphones, instead the direct output is going to come from the interface. You also won’t be able to use any mics that require Phantom Power. Other than that, all these interfaces are solid, and are the solution you have been looking for!