Version: 1.20
OS: Windows
Size: 2073K
Category: Utility – Audio
Short Description: AudioFileManager for Cakewalk users.
Est D/L time @ 28.8: 11.5 mins

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Here is a little utility app that I have been working on to manage
those darn wa~ files. It is called “AudioFileManager”. It will resolve
the previously unresolvable problem of being able to tell what audio
files go with what .wrk files and let you drag and drop them anywhere
you want!! The app is not very fancy at this point but it will get the
job done. I will be refining it over time and I have already
identified some things that would make it a little cooler and I will
add them as I get the time. Basically, it gives you a way to copy just
the .wa~ files that are associate with the selected .wrk file which
for me, has been a real pain up until now. I have only tested it on my
development machine and my DAW machine and it installs and runs on
both machines without any problems. I have also scanned all of the
files with both Norton and APV Pro antivirus scanners so they are free
from the creeping crud!

Give it a try and tell me if it works for you. It is working like a
charm for me and will save me MUCO time because I won’t have to wait
around all day for those doggone .bun files to extract any more.
Pretty neat! Read the readme.txt file for setup info.

Frank A. Silano
FrankenCat Productions
St. Petersburg, Florida
Rockin’ for Jesus!