Established in 1998, ProRec is one of the oldest audio websites on the internet. We target pro, semipro, and amateur recordists primarily in the PC digital audio workstation market. Our readers represent the leading edge of computer-based recording technology. Our staff is composed of engineers and producers with extensive knowledge and experience focused on PC digital audio workstations. Our narrow focus enables us to deeply and closely target this rapidly growing segment of the recording market.

Since before the 2000s, we were convinced that the future of music production lied in the powerful PC recording market. While computer-based recording technology was made available on Macintosh for years, the rapid growth of pro audio technology on the market-dominating PC platform opened the market for millions of PC users. ProRec is committed to remaining the undisputed leader in information and resources for the pro and semipro PC recording enthusiast.

Our articles have been used by audio institutes, and around the audio world for years. The ProRec name has been referenced tens of thousands of times from other websites around the internet. was the first to ever do reviews for companies like Garritan and FXpansion, before they were in their current form. Our articles have been used in audio production technical schools around the world! So we hope that for years to come, ProRec will continue to provide top notch reviews and coverage of the audio production and music world.

We are a passionate group of musicians and audio engineers wanting to give back to the audio community. We’ve gone through quite a few changes in the past few years, but one thing remains. We love audio and music. It’s what we do. Every writer you see at ProRec is dedicated wholly to their craft, and most of them make their living doing it.

History was the brainchild of Rip Rowan, a music producer from Dallas. He was the editor in Chief for over a decade before the website was passed on to Brent Randall in the mid 2000s. Today, the website is run by Talal Khan, a Pakistani Audio Enigneer and Guitar player based in New York City.

Over the years, ProRec has featured a bunch of different artists from all walks of life. Here’s a list of the most notable contributors of all time:

Rip RowanRip Rowan: Award-winning Web designer. Experienced producer and engineer. Very opinionated and will tell you all about it.
Gary simmonsGary Simmons: Producer, engineer, and freelance audio software designer. Officially sanctioned Total Gear Slut.
Lionel DumondLionel Dumond: Sweetwater Sound’s Managing Engineer, independent mastering engineer and an Honest-to-God Studio Rat.
ted perlmanTed Perlman: Producer, engineer, and musician – credits include Bob Dylan, Whitney Houston, Young MC, Joe Cocker, and more.
bob lichtyBob Lichty: Former Sweetwater Sound engineer. Official Studio Rat #2. A corporate guy who doesn’t wear a tie.
joel bravermanJoel Braverman: East Coast by birth, West Coast by nature. Always on the far side of the bleeding edge. Sound synthesis expert.
ethan winerEthan Winer: Studio musician, audio engineer, composer, technical writer, college instructor. Widely published in many industry journals.
pete leoniPete Leoni: Over twenty years in recording. DAW expert extraordinaire. Presides over the ProRec More-For-Less club. Overclocks alligators.
jose catenaJosé-Maria Catena: Used to run recording studios, now runs a software company. Can build computers with Legos and Scotch tape. Resident DSP expert.
bruce richardsonBruce Richardson: If you just found out about it, it’s already old hat to him. Avant-garde musician. Beyond the bleeding edge.
daniel hinesDaniel Hines: Extensive esoteric amplifier and guitar collector, and a killer player. Currently attending a recovery group for Guitar Sluts.
phil codyPhil Cody: Wrote chart-topping hits for guys like Neil Sedaka and Huey Lewis and the News. ProRec’s humor columnist.

How we write our reviews

Unlike many listicles over the web, ProRec only features three products per ‘best of’ list. The reason for that is simple, we either have experience using the product ourselves OR we actually test the product ourselves to give our readers a genuine review. You can be assured that our reviews are 100% accurate, without any bias whatsoever.

ProRec is not associated with, nor do we have any obligations to, any developers or audio hardware manufacturers. We do SUPPORT these companies, as they drive our industry. But we are not paid by them outside of receiving copies of their products for review.

Our reviews are 100% honest opinions of the writer. When you read something here, you can be fully assured that we’ve put thought into it, and we’re telling the truth to the best of our knowledge. Why would we do otherwise, and ruin the trust of all you awesome people?