2000 Reader’s Choice Voting Guide – Mixers

PLEASE NOTE: This article has been archived. It first appeared on ProRec.com in December 1999, contributed by then Editor-in-Chief Rip Rowan. We will not be making any updates to the article. Please visit the home page for our latest content. Thank you!

The Digital 8•Bus (d8b) is a 72-channel digital mixer with 24 faders, massive onboard DSP, a true workstation-class 32-bit Pentium-compatible CPU processor, support for SVGA monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and an open plugin architecture.

The d8b boasts over one billion instructions per second of DSP supporting automated functions such as EQ, gating and compression on forty-eight channels simultaneously. Full MMC control is provided. The d8b has 12 onboard mic preamps, 24 bit digital conversion, 24-channel meter bridge, and built-in UV22. A dedicated transport control surface including jog shuttle is provided.

The d8b uses a fully software based operating system allowing all of its internal features to be upgraded with periodic software updates.

Yamaha 01V

The Yamaha 01V sets a new price/performance benchmark with 24 input channels, including 16 built-in analog inputs (with +48V phantom powering on 12 channels), plus 8 optional digital inputs (ADAT, TASCAM, AES/EBU formats available). 4 freely assignable analog outputs are provided, plus expansion options for 4 additional analog outputs, or 8 assignable digital outputs.

The 01V provides two internal stereo multi-effects processors with the same DSP as the Yamaha ProR3 and REV500, and an effects library with 42 preset programs and 57 user programs, 22 dynamics processors permitting individual dynamics processing, and a dynamics library with 40 preset programs and 40 user programs, and 99 scene memories for instant recall of mixer settings.

Ramsa WR-DA7

The WR-DA7’s 32 inputs with 8 busses (with moving faders) give you the flexibility you need and 24-bit Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog converters make sure it sounds great. Versatile expansion cards insure flexibility in your studio, regardless of which format you choose. And if video post production is your need, the console has integral RS-422 and RS-485 connectivity and optional SMPTE time code.

The WR-DA7 has a full, 4-band parametric equalizer and dynamics located on every channel. The 5.1 surround sound is even included. With the available comprehensive automation package for both Macintosh, PC and MIDI machine control, your production has never been quicker or sounded better. You can even operate up to 2 units in tandem with full bidirectional control.

The WR-DA7 offers a combination of 32 analog and digital inputs plus 6 Aux return inputs for a total of 38 inputs, plus 8 buses 24-bit A-to-D and D-to-A converters with over 110dB dynamic range.

Behringer MX9000

The Behringer MX9000 is a 24 channel analog audio mixer featuring 24 high-grade mic preamps, 6 Aux buses, 4-band EQ with two swept mids per channel, internal talkback mic, and built-in meter bridge. Sophisticated routing options are available to drive multiple headphone mixes.

The MX9000 includes 100 mm Panasonic faders, discrete mic preamps, 8 sub groups, and “Mix B” channels for an additional 24 “B” inputs giving a total of 48 inputs. Inserts and direct outputs are provided on every channel. The MX9000 sets a new price / performance benchmark for analog mixing consoles.