2000 Reader’s Choice Voting Guide – Mic Preamplifier Technology

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Joemeek VC6Q British Channel

This full rack mount unit packs the punch of the more expensive Joemeek equipment and offers identical sounds and quality to the home recordist and musicians at a fraction of the price. The VC6Q provides a Joemeek Microphone Pre Amplifier, the Joemeek compressor, the instrument pre amp on the front panel, and one channel of the stunning Joemeek EQ “Meekqualizer”.

The new VC6Q is a fundamental breakthrough for the rapidly expanding home studio market, and is designed to give real power to the pure and clinical sounds of modern digital equipment when tracking. Offering world class sound, the Joemeek British Channel is a must for the user whose quality requirement is greater than their budget.

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Presonus MP20

The Presonus MP20 is a two-channel, Class-A, all-discrete mic preamp. Features include dual-servo design, 20 dB pad, phantom power, 80 Hz filter, and polarity reverse.

Presonus’ exclusive IDSS control creates vintage warmth by adjusting even-order harmonic distortion. A 12-segment output meter is available for each channel. A stereo mix bus offers control over the stereo image, and a high-output headphone amplifier is included for easy monitoring.

Behringer Ultragain Pro

The Behringer Ultragain Pro is a two-channel mic preamp and parametric equalizer. A unique tube circuit adds musical tube coloration to the sound, and a discrete front end stage provides high gain and low noise. The fully parametric equalizer provides full control over frequency, gain, and bandwidth. A sweepable highpass filter offers protection against low-frequency noise. Dual 12-step LEDs monitor output level. The Ultragain Pro can also be used as a line driver or direct box.

Superior construction includes the servo-balanced gold plated XLR inputs and outputs, high-quality detent pots, and illuminated switches. The Ultragain Pro is manufactured under a ISO9000 certified management system.

Aphex Model 1100

Offering the lowest noise possible, 24 bit 96 kHz digital outputs and Aphex’s exclusive MicLim protection circuit, the dual channel 1100 is designed for professional recording, broadcast and production in the digital or analog domains. The breadth of features, superlative specifications and warm sound of tube processing will make the 1100 the mic preamp of choice for state of the art audio production.

Breakthrough Aphex innovations and patents allow the 1100 to deliver an EIN specification of -135dB. The MicLim circuit adds an additional 20dB of headroom, making it virtually impossible to overload the preamp. Since the A/D converter is scaled to clip at the same point as the mic preamp, the digital conversion will be at the highest possible resolution without overload. Aphex’s patented tube circuitry provides the open, present, real and warm sound.

ART Pro Channel

ART engineers have combined the world-renowned Pro MPA, Pro VLA, and Tube EQ into a single product – creating the world’s best-sounding and most affordable professional recording channel.

The Pro Channel features many new and exciting design enhancements to ART’s pro and home studio staples, including the addition of a Variable Mu circuit to the compressor module. The Pro Channel allows you to select between ART’s award winning optical/tube compressor or the coveted Variable Mu circuit (a design made popular by the sound of the old broadcast limiters – now costing thousands of dollars). The Variable Mu circuit is fast, fat and a bit aggressive, and is guaranteed to become a legend among compressors as has the Pro VLA.

The four-band parametric equalizer has selectable Q for the two sweepable mid-bands. As with all design elements of the Pro Channel, these Q options were fine-tuned by some of the industry’s top studio and live-sound engineers.

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