Thursday, October 20, 2016
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ProRec- Changing The Landscape

You may have noticed an extended silence at ProRec. Yep, so have we.

Freebie Frenzy- Embertone Intimate Strings Lite

String libraries, along with other orchestral instruments, are often considered the pinnacle of sampling. The time, energy and cash flow required to record even...

Propellerheads Rack Extensions- More Info

Rack Extensions are potentially the best thing to come along for Reason users in a long time. Check out this brand new video which tells more about them and also get to hear from the developers who are already creating Rack Extensions.

The Best Google Logo Yet- For Moog’s Birthday!

It's not available for everyone quite yet at the time of this writing, but on May 23rd, the birthday of synthesizer legend Bob Moog, Google has decided to put together what could possibly be the coolest thing to ever appear on Google. I bring you, the Moogle Synth

Review- Soundiron Emotional Piano

Pros: Very unique sound, great for soundtrack work, easy to play, good effects. Cons: No true resonance, not a large amount of velocity layers   Summary: While not an end-all,...

Kontakt, MachFive and Halion- Taking The Gloves Off

The sampler world has been ruled by Kontakt for a while now. But with the latest crop of updates to other popular samplers, will Kontakt be dethroned? We'll see how Kontakt, Halion and MachFive stand up to each other in this series of articles.

FL Studio On Mac? Sure Looks Like It!

There are a few things that we never thought would happen in the audio world. Reason would never allow external instruments, Waves would never...

Watermarking- The Answer To The Digital Piracy Problem?

You don't have to go far to see a nice, heated discussion about copy protection. And you don't have to go much further to...

Freebie Frenzie- Ableton Live Lite 8 & Soundcloud Pro

Both Ableton Live owners and Soundcloud users are about to benefit from a new partnership between the two companies. Free Ableton Live Lite 8? Free 5 months for Soundcloud Pro? Yes, please!

Freebie Frenzy- Blue Cat Audio Freeware Pack 2

In this edition of Freebie Frenzy, we've got an entire bundle of top quality plugins for you to enjoy. See the press release below...