Review- 8Dio Studio Solo Violin

It seems that everywhere you look over the past two years, we get another shiny new strings library to play with. 8Dio have decided to go a different direction with their solo violin library, called 'Studio Solo Violin'. While other…

Tracktion- Welcome Back, My Friend

Anyone who knows me will know that I was a Tracktion fanboy. It was probably the first audio host that I grew a deep appreciation for, and it allowed me to enjoy making music in ways that hadn't happened before. Then sad days arrived.

Pro Tools 11- It’s About Time

Pro Tools has had a slew of major updates over the last few years. As a Pro Tools user, I've stood by and watched many thing get added, including the long-time-coming breaking of the shackles of Avid/Digidesign hardware. It seems that Avid…

Propellerheads Rack Extensions- More Info

Rack Extensions are potentially the best thing to come along for Reason users in a long time. Check out this brand new video which tells more about them and also get to hear from the developers who are already creating Rack Extensions.

Review- Soundiron Emotional Piano

Pros: Very unique sound, great for soundtrack work, easy to play, good effects. Cons: No true resonance, not a large amount of velocity layers Summary: While not an end-all, be-all solution to your piano needs, Emotional Piano can…