Sunday, October 23, 2016

Review- Kirk Hunter Pop Rock Strings

String libraries are popular; and that's an understatement. But they are often either low on features or high on price. Pop Rock Strings hopes to find a happy medium with a library designed for those radio ready pop rock productions. We'll check the balance.

Review- EastWest The Dark Side

In an audio world where we constantly strive to be more "digital", The Dark Side dares to be different. You can expect plenty of grit and grime to be thrown around your speakers. No apologies, no hesitation, no pretty red bow on top. But is it practical?

Review- Evolution Electric Guitar- Strawberry

We're taking a look at the brand new Orange Tree Samples flagship guitar library, Evolution. Has this library evolved into a winner, or does it have a few missing links? We'll find out.

Review- Impact Soundworks Shreddage

Time to get your thrash on! We'll take a look at this new electric rhythm guitar library from Impact Soundworks and see if it will rock your world or just wake the neighbors.