Sunday, October 23, 2016

MOTU Digital Performer 8 For Windows- Finally Released, Plus Demo Version

Color me a bit excited to see that Digital Performer for Windows is now officially a reality. Several months ago, MOTU announced Windows compatibility, but they only released a Mac version of this long-time composer's favorite audio and MIDI host. But today, out of seemingly nowhere, MOTU have announced that the Windows version is now available.

So where are all the older articles?

A while back, I started looking into the idea of an automated way to transfer articles from our old platforms to this new platform. We used to use not only a different coding language and database for the backend, but a completely different content management system. So I was hoping to find an easier solution.I couldn't.

Sample Logic Announces Cyclone- “Sampling Meets Synthesis”?

Most new Kontakt libraries on the market strive for ever higher gigabyte counts and loads of articulations, but Cyclone weighs in at a mere 3GB for well over 300 patches.Find out more inside. Maybe this is a successful venture into using Kontakt as a synth, not just a sample player?

Tracktion- Welcome Back, My Friend

Anyone who knows me will know that I was a Tracktion fanboy. It was probably the first audio host that I grew a deep appreciation for, and it allowed me to enjoy making music in ways that hadn't happened before. Then sad days arrived.

Pro Tools 11- It’s About Time

Pro Tools has had a slew of major updates over the last few years. As a Pro Tools user, I've stood by and watched many thing get added, including the long-time-coming breaking of the...

ProRec- Changing The Landscape

You may have noticed an extended silence at ProRec. Yep, so have we.

Propellerheads Rack Extensions- More Info

Rack Extensions are potentially the best thing to come along for Reason users in a long time. Check out this brand new video which tells more about them and also get to hear from the developers who are already creating Rack Extensions.

Update On Article Transfer

If you are looking for a specific article and can't find it, have no fear! We're working on getting all your favorite articles transferred to the new site. Articles like "Over The Limit" and others WILL return, we assure you!