The New iLok License Manager- “Temporary” Licenses Issue Fixed

UPDATE: It appears that the issues caused below by the new iLok License Manager are now fixed, according to Sound Toys:

Further instructions were provided in the KVR thread linked to below.


A couple of days ago, announced the release of their new License Manager software. This software does away with the web-based license management and is browser independent, which is great since apparently iLok has been unable to code their website to work with 80% of all modern browsers.

Many new features are available, including the ability(FINALLY) do “deactivate”, or delete your licenses(in case you have demo licenses taking up space), organize your licenses into folders and other tools. But……don’t go syncing your iLok just yet.

According to this thread on Gearslutz, along with this thread on KVR, some major issues are happening though. Licenses from numerous developers are coming up as “temporary” or deactivated. THIS IS BAD. While I can’t personally confirm these problems, the additional info provided by devs such as Soundtoys makes me think that it may be smart to wait a few days before syncing your license with the new system.

In other words, don’t touch this new software with a ten foot pole until you hear the all clear. I’ll update this post once things are sorted, and we can then talk more about the good. Stay tuned.

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