Scarbee Changes To “Non-Exclusive” Agreement With Native Instruments

Scarbee has always been known for it’s top quality sample libraries, whether it be bass guitar, electric pianos and more. A while back, Thomas Scarbee(spelled Skarbye in real life) entered into an exclusive creation and distribution agreement with Native Instruments, as many sample developers do(it’s a great way to get higher levels of distribution, and likely more affordable protection). So in other words, everything that Scarbee produced would be released as an exclusive item on the Native Instruments product line, and be open for inclusion in Komplete as well.

During this time, we saw the release of updates to Scarbee’s famous bass and electric piano libraries, the release of Alicia’s Keys, Funk Guitarist and completely new bass guitars as well. Some truly top of the line stuff.

But according to the website, this agreement has shifted from exclusive to non-exclusive. Below is the full announcement:

“The partnership between SCARBEE and Native Instruments have now changed from “exclusive” to “non-exclusive”. We will continue to co-develop successful products with NI in future, but in addition to that, SCARBEE can now release own products based on slightly different concepts.

One of the things we are likely to examine, is the idea of releasing series of sample libraries for Kontakt, where ex. the user can buy additional content for the main product. This will be very attractive for the user and also a natural and inspiring workflow for my team and I as we like to release more often – and also produce more specialized expansions.

We will also release standard Virtual Instruments that comes with Kontakt Player – it all depends on what suits the concepts best.

These products will be sold EXCLUSIVELY from our website:

Finally this change also means that SCARBEE can work with other companies – including hardware companies.
This is something we have wanted to look into for many years.”

I think this is GREAT news. I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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