MOTU Digital Performer 8 For Windows- Finally Released, Plus Demo Version

Color me a bit excited to see that Digital Performer for Windows is now officially a reality. Several months ago, MOTU announced Windows compatibility, but they only released a Mac version of this long-time composer’s favorite audio and MIDI host. But today, out of seemingly nowhere, MOTU have announced that the Windows version is now available.


(Yes, I know that’s a picture of the Mac version- it’s the same thing)

As somebody who has used Digital Performer for some work in the past, and somebody who works heavily with video and scoring, this release is a big deal for me. And I know that many of you are interested as well because you tell us so!

The price is right too, with the full version running only $500, along with various crossgrade and upgrade prices available. For a host that has full featured audio, MIDI, notation and scoring, comping, audio tuning, loads of plugins, and hundreds of other cool features, it’s a great price. And it remains one of the only, if not THE only hosts that can load multiple projects into one project, utilize instances of plugins across different projects, etc. VERY cool stuff.

We hope to be able to take a look at this version now that it’s out. So stay tuned. And you can check out all the details by clicking here. And there is a demo available already at that link as well. I’m already on it!


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