Pro Tools 11- It’s About Time

Pro Tools has had a slew of major updates over the last few years. As a Pro Tools user, I’ve stood by and watched many thing get added, including the long-time-coming breaking of the shackles of Avid/Digidesign hardware. It seems that Avid is finally seeing that they need to evolve, as they have announced possibly the largest update yet with version 11.


Click here to see the official Pro Tools 11 page.

Most notably are the new audio engine, along with an actual 64-bit version of Pro Tools. Finally, studios can utilize the extra RAM that comes standard in any modern computer.

And offline bounce? For years, Avid has said that it can’t do offline bounce because so many studios rely on outboard gear that can only use real-time render. No longer is this the case, I’m happy to report!

And as a video editor myself, I’ll gladly welcome the Media Composer video engine being directly implemented into version 11. Count me grinning.

Of course, this all comes with the usual argument that virtually every other host has had these features for years. Yes, they have. But Pro Tools has still remained a powerful, while rather inefficient at times, audio production host.

So will Pro Tools 11 finally jump back into the “modern” DAW host firefight? If the release is relatively bug-free, it just might. Stay tuned for more information as we can get it.

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