Freebie Frenzy- DNR Collaborative Sound Repository Sampler- Over 1GB Of FREE Sounds

Quality sample libraries are difficult to make. They require a lot of time, energy and money to bring to fruition. So it’s no wonder that most libraries don’t allow you to take their samples, process them, and then SELL those samples in your own library. But the DNR Collaborative Sound Repository is different. You are given full rights to re-process the samples(you can’t just sell them “as-is”) and sell them in your own libraries, or whatever else you want to do with them.

So the DNR Collaborative have announced a FREE sampler with samples from the full repository, totaling just over 1GB in size. And it includes the same license as the full repository, which is exciting. Definitely something worth checking out. And you get a discount on the full repository just for downloading the FREE sampler:


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