ProRec- Changing The Landscape

You may have noticed an extended silence at ProRec. Yep, so have we. The truth is, ProRec is run by enthusiasts who have day jobs doing audio-related and other jobs we love. We don’t just write about this stuff, we ARE this stuff.

Over the years, ProRec has been more of an online version of a traditional magazine. Articles were detailed, well thought out, carefully edited to be as grammatically correct as possible and at times, just downright ridged. It’s a standard we set for ourselves, and our readers told us that they enjoyed this format. But times are changing. So is ProRec.

We aren’t doing away with the quality of writing, or the detail, or the well thought out nature of our articles. But we are taking a more casual approach to writing. More conversational, if you will. People expect a certain level of writing, and a certain level of interaction, from websites where they get their news and product information. So here are some of the changes you can expect in the near future.

  1. No more news. Well, that isn’t totally true. We won’t be reporting news at ProRec. We might provide commentary on product announcements that interest us, but we will maintain a comprehensive selection of news from other sources. So you’ll still see the news here, but we won’t have to worry about posting every news item that comes across our desk(and there are a LOT).
  2. More social media. This is 2013, and it’s about time we fully embrace the possibilities here. So stay tuned for more details.
  3. No more “jack of all trades” writing. To this point, those who run this site have often tried to cover a full range of products to try and please everyone. But no single writer has interest in all products. So writers will cover what they love. It keeps them more passionate.
  4. More open to new writers. Got something you want to say? You’ll probably have your chance. Want to see a certain type of software covered that we aren’t covering? Why don’t you do it for us!
  5. Smaller, quicker articles. You want content, updated regularly. Ok, we get it. And writing shorter articles means we can work faster. So expect to see more articles of shorter length. Larger articles will be broken up into smaller pieces when possible. No need to postpone entire articles because we haven’t finished the last 10%, right?

You’ll see more changes, and this entire process WILL take some time to fully put in place. We look forward to hearing from you with your thoughts on these changes and more. So stay tuned, and stay audible.

Brent Randall


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