Freebie Frenzie- Ableton Live Lite 8 & Soundcloud Pro

Well, I’m all for a great partnership if it can bring about cool freebies! And it looks like the audio world just got what seems to be a great partnership with Ableton and Soundcloud. Apparently, these “Berlin friends” have joined forces to offer a cool set of freebies to their users.

To celebrate the new Soundcloud integration in version 8.3 of Ableton Live(more info here), the two have joined forces to scratch opposing backs.

If you are a Soundcloud Newsletter subscriber, you’ll soon be receiving an email with a FREE copy of Ableton Live Lite 8. This is the same version that is frequently included with various bits of hardware, but won’t cost a dime here. Not a demo, but a working version of Ableton Live. Pretty cool, eh? Now, it must be said that I believe this version is an NFR, so no selling of the license. But hey, it’s free! So make sure to log in at to your account and sign up for their newsletter so you don’t miss out!

Now, if you’re an Ableton Live user already, the deal is even better! Since you don’t NEED Live Lite 8, why not get a FREE 5 month membership to Soundcloud Pro? More song space, more options, more good stuff. By my calculations, this is about a $190 value! All Ableton Live owners qualify. Just click here to find all the details.

Stay tuned for more great freebies and deals as we post them!

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