Monday, October 24, 2016

IK Multimedia Announces MODO BASS, A Physically Modeled Bass Guitar Instrument

IK Multimedia announced the full details for their upcoming physically modeled bass guitar instrument, MODO BASS. 12 bass guitar models are included.

Freebie Frenzy- Cinesamples’ Jerry’s Piano

Cinesamples released their latest freebie today, called Jerry's Pianos. Often the orchestral piano is called upon to double rhythmic patterns at pitch - its percussive...

Spectrasonics Announces New Delivery Platforms

Los Angeles, CA - December 16th, 2015 - Spectrasonics today announced a major change in their delivery platforms and has eliminated all DVD-ROM discs in...

Freebie Frenzy- Tone2 Sets Firebird FREE!

Tone2 has decided that Firebird 2 has reached the end of it's commercial life and the company has announced that this extremely popular and...

The New iLok License Manager- “Temporary” Licenses Issue Fixed

A couple of days ago, announced the release of their new License Manager software. But do NOT sync your licenses yet unless you want to temporarily lose them, or have them converted to time-limited, as many people are reporting.

8Dio Adagio Violins Volume 1- Full Review

8Dio Adagio Violins Volume 1 claims to break new ground for deep sampled orchestral string libraries. But does it deliver?We take a look at this first library in the Adagio Strings series to see if Adagio Violins is worthy of a place in your collection.

Independent Recording Studio Do’s And Don’ts

Studio business is made or killed in first impressions. Even the first few seconds of a phone call can mean the difference between a busy session, or a weekend watching re-runs. I hope to shed some light on a few things you can do to keep the potential client interested in visiting, and eventually booking time.

Pan Law Of The Land

Most people have heard of the term "pan law", but many people don't fully understand what it is or why it matters to them. But it's an important thing to understand while mixing in a stereo space. So we're here to define pan law in detail.

Over The Limit- Classic ProRec Article On The Loudness War

"Over The Limit" is probably the most popular article in ProRec history. Used in everything from audio school curriculums to being republished by, this is THE seminal article blasting the modern mastering industry for singlehandly destroying a generation of great music.

Freebie Frenzy- Ample Guitar M Lite

The guys at Ample Sound have created several plugins over the past year designed to give you realistic acoustic and electric guitar sounds. And if you've been looking to get your hands on the libraries to test, you're in luck. They announced today the first FREE version of one of their libraries, the Ample Guitar M Lite.